About us

Our company was founded back in 1972 as a small manufacturing company for fantasy shape diamonds

Since then, a lot has changed in the diamond industry and so have we. Today, more then 35 years later, our company expertise in the diamonds manufacturing business with specific cuts. To be exact, we manufacture Triangles, Heart-shaped, Half-Moons & Trapezoids diamonds starting from .05ct up until 1ct each, all cuts can be provided in wide range of colors starting from M up until D. We relay on our expertise, along the years, to grantee the full cycle of deliverance, starting from the rough diamonds that are sorted to work each peace at a time, giving the full attention to each stone, continuing at the factory, were each worker has it’s own line of work over the stone, and then, once polished, each stone is being sorted back to the correct assortment at the head office located in the Diamond Exchange building in Israel.    

Our company is family based!
Were all the key workers, whether it’s on the rough diamonds assortment, polish work or polished assortment & marketing, all is handle by 3 generations of our family, already on our company.

Our line of work & experience can grantee our customers the best in side-stones: Quality , Beautiful Make , Reasonable prices
All to insure our customers more value for their money.