Heart Shaped Diamonds

Our Heart Shaped Diamonds:

The heart-shaped diamond, an extremely popular modified brilliant cut, is naturally considered the most romantic of diamond shapes. It is similar to the pear, but has a cleft in the rounded end that forms the lobes of the heart. These lobes should be clearly defined and slightly rounded, and the cleft between them should be sharp and distinct. When choosing a heart-shaped diamond, you should also make sure both halves of the heart are identical.

 The optimal range varies - from length-to-width ratio smaller than 1, which makes the stone look “fat” to a ratio larger than 1, which results in a thin, elongated-looking diamond. A ratio between 1.0 and 1.1 is considered optimal, and you may also choose a pair of heart-shaped diamonds for extra bling.

 Heart-shaped diamonds can be set either as a center stones or as side stones. In Y.L Golan, we specialize in matching pairs to make the perfect heart-shaped arrangement for any piece of jewelry. We emphasize not only the cut, size, color and shape of each side stone, but also its make. 

Heart Shaped Diamonds by Y.L.Golan

You are welcome to purchase our heart-shaped stones as loose diamonds, order matching pairs, or select complete parcels. Orders may also be placed for specific makes and unique shapes.