Half Moon Diamonds

Our Half Moon Diamonds:

The half-moon shaped diamond is a half-round or a half-oval diamond with a straight edge. It is most commonly used as a side stone, and if you’re looking to complement a rectangular, an oval shaped or a cushion cut center stone, a half-moon shaped diamond can give your piece an extra edge. When shaped properly, a half-moon diamond will sparkle from end to end.

 The optimal length-to-width ratio for the half-moon shaped diamond is 2, and most half-moon shaped diamonds are sold in pairs. A length to width ratio larger than 2 will result in a “skinny” looking stone, while a ratio smaller than 2 will produce an elongated, shrunken look. Getting the correct ratio requires skill and experience, and matching a pair of half-moon diamonds is even trickier. At Y.L Golan, we take extra care to match both stones for color, clarity, cut and make before the stone goes through the last polishing stage. Once the pair is set, the polishing work can be completed, and a perfect pair is produced. 

 Half Moon Diamonds by Y.L.Golan

You are welcome to purchase our half-moon brilliant cut shapes as loose diamonds, order matching pairs, or select complete parcels. Orders may also be placed for specific makes and unique shapes.