Manufacturing Department

In Y. L Golan Diamonds, we specialize in collecting, cutting and polishing of rough diamonds, turning them into the fiery, brilliant stones our customers want and expect. Our extensive experience spans more than 35 years, with an expertise in unique cuts and shapes of diamond pairs and side stones; namely triangular shaped diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds, trapezoid-shaped diamonds and half-moon shaped diamonds.

Our rough division selects the rough stones to be cut and polished. Once detected, any flaws – surface irregularities, blemishes, etc. - are treated using laser technology. Then, a master cutter is selected to cut the stone according to the required shape. The stone is then handed to our expert polishers, who are entrusted with the delicate job of getting as much fire and brilliance from the cut stone. Our cutters and polishers are experts in their field, each specializing in a unique shape.

Once the stone is cut and polished, our quality control division takes over, and the diamond is subjected to rigorous examination. There, the stone is either approved for delivery or disqualified and sent back to the cutting and polishing divisions as needed. The stone is then subjected again to the same uncompromising quality control process.

Achieving the correct balance of quality, clarity, cut and carat warrants a complex, delicate process – one that Y. L Golan Diamonds is proud to have mastered.