Triangle Diamonds

Our Triangle Diamonds:

Y.L Golan offers a wide range of triangular brilliants, commonly known as “Trillions” or “Trilliants”.

 Triangular-shaped diamonds have a distinct advantage: as they are usually cut from a flat rough stone, the triangular diamond may seem larger than its actual carat weight suggests. Of course, the more facets to a stone – the more it sparkles and catches the eye.

 As triangular-shaped diamonds are most often used as side stones to compliment center stones, either in rings or other jewelry settings, we also specialize in matching triangular-shaped diamonds for any jewelry piece. We emphasize not only the cut, size, color and shape of each side stone, but also its make. 

Triangle Diamonds by Y.L.Golan

 You are welcome to purchase our triangular brilliants as loose diamonds, order matching pairs, or select complete parcels. Orders may also be placed for specific makes and unique shapes. Our triangular diamonds are customized to the customer’s wish and can be shaped with sharp points or softer, more rounded points, with each and every shape offering great fire and a sharp, impressive brilliance.