Trapezoid Diamonds

Our Trapezoid Diamonds:

Trapezoids are commonly brilliant-cut stones that evolved from the Taper and Baguette cuts. The trapezoid is a four-sided shaped stone with the top and bottom parallel, and the two remaining sides slanting inwards. The resulting outline looks like a triangle with one of the ends cut off.

 Since trapezoids have a relatively big surface area, and therefore create a more sparkly effect when mounted in a ring, many see them as a great alternative to the more common trillion or baguette shaped diamonds. Trapezoids not only add sparkle, but also radiate sophistication and class.

 Trapezoids have no optimal ratio, and their relative size is dependent on personal preference, based on the style of the jewelry desired. They can be cut to have a longer bottom and a shorter top to achieve a wide look; and they can also be cut so that both bases are similar in length, giving the stones a more cubic look. Trapezoids can be mounted as center stones, but are most commonly used in pairs as side stones to enhance the brilliance and shape of a larger central stone. This versatility has made trapezoids extremely popular, as they can accent many center diamond shapes in a ring – Emeralds, Radiants, Princess, Asscher and Round shape diamonds.

 Shaping a trapezoid requires highly-skilled craftsmanship, as constructing precise, symmetrical angles is a complicated task. As most trapezoids are sold in pairs as side stones, a perfect matching pair will have two stones of the same size, cut and color, as well as the same base length and girdle.

Trapezoid Diamonds by Y.L.Golan 

You are welcome to purchase our trapezoids as loose diamonds, order matching pairs, or select complete parcels. Orders may also be placed for specific makes and unique shapes.